Scholarship Overview

IdahoRID offers up to three $200 scholarships per fiscal year to its membership to be used for one of the following:

  1. RID/CASLI Testing
  2. CDI Testing
  3. EIPA Testing
  4. Specialist Testing


  1. Be a current member of IdahoRID
  2. Write a 200 word essay

Essay Question

Please address your current employment status and how testing will enhance your skills as an interpreter. *We encourage you to also include information about your current financial situation, your future professional interpreting goals, and how an IdahoRID scholarship will help you accomplish these goals.

Additional Information

IdahoRID encourages all applicants to seek financial support from employers and other appropriate organizations for testing monies before applying for a scholarship and ensure recipient will not receive duplicate funds for testing.

Applications must be received by the committee no later than 30 days prior application for RID testing. 

For additional information regarding scholarships, please see IdahoRID's Policies and Procedures manual sections 4700 - 4730

Policies and Procedures


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