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General License Information

Effective July 1, 2018 signed language interpreters are required to have a valid license from the Idaho Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses (DOPL) formerly known as the Idaho Bureau of Occupations Licenses (IBOL) to interpret in the State of Idaho, with few exceptions as specified in the “Speech and Hearing Services Practice Act” (IC § 54-2901 – IC § 54-2927). This act does not mandate the use of a signed language interpreter.

  • Application Submitted
  • 18 years of age
  • Pass a competency examination or achieved certification as defined by board rule
  • - Both written and performance tests
  • Obtained High School diploma or equivalent
  • No felonies
  • License fees paid

Certifications accepted – must be current and valid

  • RID
  • NAD
  • BEI: Basic or intermediate (pre-2014)
  • Utah: Professional or Master level
Accepted Exams: Require BOTH Written and performance – Can mix-and-match
  • NIC, CDI, EIPA, or any state-issued interpreting generalist written exam
  • EIPA 4.0+ or RID recognized exam, passed within past 20 years

No, you are required to apply for a license in addition to your certification to interpret in the state of Idaho.

  • Go to IDOPL Forms
  • Select and complete the form that corresponds with the license you are applying for
  • If submitting a certification recognized by RID (excludes Ed:K-12), a copy of your current RID membership card is acceptable
  • If submitting certifications or passed exam results, these results need to be sent directly from the issuing body.
  • Original License

    $25.00 | Application fee
    $70.00 | License fee

    Provisional License

    $25.00 | Application fee
    $70.00 | Provisional Permit fee

    Out of State (Endorsement) License

    $25.00 | Application fee
    $70.00 | License fee

    Deaf Interpreter Registration

    No charge

    Out of State Registration (work up to 30 days)

    $10.00 | Registration fee

    Yes, interpreters are required to obtain 10 hours (1.0 CEU) every year. It is the interpreter's responsibility to keep track of CEUs obtained for each licensure year.

    The Original license will expire on your birthday with the exemption of the first year obtaining the license. Provisional licenses will expire 1 year after it was granted, and Out of State licenses will automatically expire December 31st of the year it was granted for. Check Idaho Bureau of Occupational License website under license search to confirm when you need to renew your license.

  • ITP Students work under the supervision of licensed interpreters
  • Deaf Interpreter (Must be registered)
  • Certified Out-of-state Interpreters (Must be registered & not to exceed 30 days)
  • Religious setting such as a church, synagogue, or other worship setting
  • Private, non-commercial, family event
  • Inconsequential situation: level of significance is such as that a licensed interpreter would not be deemed necessary for effective communication
  • Temporarily in exigent/ emergency circumstance (emergency circumstances are defined by law as being life or death)
  • Courts and court services (abide by ICAR Rule 52)
  • No. The statute CLEARLY defines what constitutes someone who is interpreting regardless of the job title. If someone is functioning as an interpreter, they need to be licensed, exemptions apply.

    Provisional Permit Information

    If your license was granted during any time of the quarter the report is due for, yes. It does not matter if you were actively interpreting or not, a report is due if your license was active during the quarter.

  • Go to IDOPL Forms
  • Follow the directions on the form to submit your quarterly report
  • The settings allowed for an interpreter who is provisionally licensed depends entirely on the supervisor and provisional license holder’s agreement. This information can be found here

  • You need to submit an original license application with appropriate documentation and full license fee
  • When your original license is received, you need to submit your last quarterly report and CLEARLY state this will be the last quarterly report done up to the date you received your original license.
  • Out of State License Information

  • Must register BEFORE working: $10/year
  • Must report after every DAY, or TIME PERIOD worked, within 5 days after working
  • Please note: Failure to report may result in disciplinary action
  • May apply for Idaho license to work without restriction
  • *Out of State licenses follow the calendar year and ALL Out of State Licenses will expire December 31st of each year. (i.e. Out of State license was approved in November 2019, license will still expire December 31st, 2019)

  • Applying for an endorsement license is the method for those who have a current license in another state with requirements substantially similar to Idaho’s. Those seeking licensure in Idaho for the first time and do not hold or have not ever held a license in another state should fill out the original license application.
  • Out of state registration allows work in Idaho up to 30 days per year and requires reporting each DAY worked in Idaho.
  • Idaho Educational Interpreter Act

    Court Interpreting Regulations

    Displaying Your Credentials


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