March 30, 2017 meeting minutes

Meeting attendees: Shannon, Carrie, Kristy

March 30, 2017, 7-8 PM, agenda:

  1. Final preparations for workshops
    1. Food for Boise workshop (we buy the snacks): Kristy Kulick to host
    2. Food for Pocatello workshop (need to order online through ISU catering)Shannon to host
    3. Power point presentations for business meeting
      1. Check for accuracy, add anything you’d like: all in agreeance with previewed slides sent via email
      2. Would you like to present or have me present? Will present in ASL: Kristy will present all slides on behalf of all board members
      3. Ceu cant be split between days
      4. inform people about the old irid www is still a link, old server hasnt taken it down. from now on us firefox to access new
    4. Elections/Voting
      1. Voting on: treasurer, VP, vote of affirmation for president: Realization of wrong voting year to vote for pres. and need to ammend
      2. Raising dues – $20 for students, $35 for others: discussed and agreed to present at board mtg. for a vote April 8th
      3. Adding 2 new scholarships – one for membership ($35) & one for workshop attendance ($50): We will present this to remind candidates about the availability.
      4. Whether or not members would like the organization to pay for live broadcast of RID LEAD Together conference
    5. Awards & thank you
      1. Deaf heart award = plaque + one year free membership: nominations made for sheila Roberts
      2. Steven Snow, Randy Bow, Paula Mason, ISU, board members leaving – anyone I’m forgetting??
    6. Reinstatement of 501c3 status, effective February 10, 2017 (YAY!!!)
    7. RID LEAD Together conference – ended up w/ 3 guaranteed slots, gave the other to Val w/ the same agreement to pay half ($213)
    8. Any comments or business from the board – anything I’m forgetting?? No one interested in using outreach conference for our spring workshop=will not broadcast to north Idaho or isdb.  Plus few registrants for Boise workshop, so Kristy will send out reminders to register.  New member at large: Janette Lovell.
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