March 2018 Board

Idaho RID Board Meeting: Attendees: K.B, S,S, Teresa, C.P, Sarah, A.F

Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 PM


1) Partnering with CDHH & Steven Snow, i.e. mini workshops/professional development throughout the state to meet licensure requirements. He will ask legislators to support in leu of rural area and maintaining and producing qualified terps.  May be on monthly basis(oregon does “deaftalk, Utah does “Terptalks”)

2) Call for presenters – need to get that out ASAP Kristy to visit with S.R

3) Volunteer committees – who has signed up so far? 8 people responded.  Kristy will contact:lavona, dawnette, Shari M. to help get the word out also will announce at business mtg in April

4) Election nominations- secretary and pres. elect, committees

5) Your position/committee slide for the business meeting Power Point – please get that to me(kristy) by April 5th.

6) Please get any business/announcements you’d like added to the business meeting to me by April 5th. Per our bylaws we must send out business meeting agenda to our members 2 weeks in advance (i.e. by April 7th)

7) Conference location – CSI??Kristy booked 3 rooms since no charge but TF school dist. has no inservice, ugh.  thinking of eating on campus alacart provided $7/person.  This will allow us to not be responsible for cottages(past issue).  typically conferences have 30 attendies, this year first time to break 100!!

8) Board retreat, weekend of May 18th, AirBnB –  2 nights come when you can 2location=McCall%2C%20ID%2C%20United%20States&adults=10&guests=10&check_in=2018-05-18&check_out=2018-05-20,

please let me know if you’re going sooner than later. All board members and committee members are welcome & encouraged to join us. Will carpool please and make sure to get .54/mile reinbursed by fran with checkbook

9) Gas allowance for board retreat? yes.

10) North Idaho workshop – who is going, please let me know that as well so we can figure out carpooling/hotel arrangements.

Ann suggested a carpool scholarship—has to be done as a group.  To benefit those traveling to irid conferences

11) North Idaho food arrangements?? IdahoRID is providing lunch, suggestions for catering?? When do we need to get food ordered? Who will take care of this? Teresa looks into and kristy will support her

12) Budget for North Idaho workshop = splitting costs with Washington…Fyi all conferences in our region are as a member price, we are in area not out of area price.

13) Fran sent 31 signups to CASLI for NIC written.  So successful Oregon wanted to join last minute.  Fran sent them materials and teaching them how to host for themselves

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