Business Mtg. 4-21-18

Idaho RID Business Meeting

Sat. April, 21, 2018

College of Southern Idaho, Health and Science Bldg.

Time Scheduled: 2:30-4 pm

Determination of a quorum – 14

Deanna Stubbs shadow interpreting comments from the floor

Meeting called to order: 2:35 pm

Kristy Buffington (IRID President)

Power Point Year in REview

Carrie Peters (Secretary) read 2017 minutes

Presidents report/slide

Plans to attend the Region V conference and would like to get a carpool set up.

Val Strum is no longer the VP

Lindsey Goodman-Gerkham has moved leaving the scholarship committee to Dawn Hafer-Wells.

Frances Bennett (Treasurer)

First time in 9 years money was made and not lost on our conferences

Discussion about the fall silent auction failure to earn much money.

Setting up paypal account will allow less transfer on monies between hands. Also allowing a personal digital receipt.

Moving forward, a better way to track our earning. If we earn or pay out more than $600 in funds than the law requires to file 1099 and send out 1099.

PDC report( Kristy)

Effort to establish an irid presence in north Idaho was unsuccessful. We were going to partner with Wrid at an April conference. Attendance didn’t permit the conference to happen. Irid was planning on providing lunch and snacks.

Scholarchip report(Kristy)

no scholarship given in 2016, however 2017: $850.00 to aid with transportation and certification testing.

Recognition, Gift Card and Card given to Lavona Andrew and Steven Snow for their endless effort of paving the way for a higher quality of Interpreters in Idaho, through the licensureing law

Old Business:2016: Hired A CPA to straighten out the books. 2017 we required no audit and the books are up to date and accurate.

New Business: Lauren Seale and Carrie Peters incumbent to run for Secretary. Slides shown and both provided statements.

President elect is up for nomination and KB will continue on to her third year, per the special election held to right the voting in the off year.

Motion: Discussion was had regarding the change of bi laws wording on when to have a business meeting in the fall during our big, now annual conference. In stead of holding two conferences a year, we will have one, with smaller mini workshops to outlining rural areas.

The need to improve membership numbers has brought us to the outreach mini workshops.

Sheila Robertson called for the vote

Lauren Seale second the motion

Call for vote: 14 support 0 abstain, PASS

Joanne Shopbell-dobecki wants improved communication of when dues are paid and how will be send in a reminder email to the membership. FY is July 1 to June 30, yet its easier to track if paid in March. Making easier to know who can vote at business meetings.

Nomination from the floor

Ann Flannery proposes Heather Fultz accept the nomination to become the next President Elect.

Sheila Robertson Seconds.

Reluctant to accept, Fran Bennett Suggested to have a 6 month trial period, revisit nomination, decide, and pick a new president elect if needed.

Past presidents have burned out having to pick the irid up off the ground and get things running again. KB has extensive work and the board is strong and has almost all positions filled.

Heather Fultz accepts nomination.

NO vote needed.


Lauren Seale will take the Secretary seat til 2020 where term will be up.


Eiss scheduled in June

Shakesphere Festival plays in Boise during the summer months

Kristy Buffington explained her new job at IESDB, per Lavona Andrews request.

Motion to adjourn: B. Andrews/Lauren Seale

Meeting adjourned at 3:52 pm

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