Business Mtg. 4-21-18

Idaho RID Business Meeting

Sat. April, 21, 2018

College of Southern Idaho, Health and Science Bldg.

Time Scheduled: 2:30-4 pm

Determination of a quorum – 14

Deanna Stubbs shadow interpreting comments from the floor

Meeting called to order: 2:35 pm

Kristy Buffington (IRID President)

Power Point Year in REview

Carrie Peters (Secretary) read 2017 minutes

Presidents report/slide

Plans to attend the Region V conference and would like to get a carpool set up.

Val Strum is no longer the VP

Lindsey Goodman-Gerkham has moved leaving the scholarship committee to Dawn Hafer-Wells.

Frances Bennett (Treasurer)

First time in 9 years money was made and not lost on our conferences

Discussion about the fall silent auction failure to earn much money.

Setting up paypal account will allow less transfer on monies between hands. Also allowing a personal digital receipt.

Moving forward, a better way to track our earning. If we earn or pay out more than $600 in funds than the law requires to file 1099 and send out 1099.

PDC report( Kristy)

Effort to establish an irid presence in north Idaho was unsuccessful. We were going to partner with Wrid at an April conference. Attendance didn’t permit the conference to happen. Irid was planning on providing lunch and snacks.

Scholarchip report(Kristy)

no scholarship given in 2016, however 2017: $850.00 to aid with transportation and certification testing.

Recognition, Gift Card and Card given to Lavona Andrew and Steven Snow for their endless effort of paving the way for a higher quality of Interpreters in Idaho, through the licensureing law

Old Business:2016: Hired A CPA to straighten out the books. 2017 we required no audit and the books are up to date and accurate.

New Business: Lauren Seale and Carrie Peters incumbent to run for Secretary. Slides shown and both provided statements.

President elect is up for nomination and KB will continue on to her third year, per the special election held to right the voting in the off year.

Motion: Discussion was had regarding the change of bi laws wording on when to have a business meeting in the fall during our big, now annual conference. In stead of holding two conferences a year, we will have one, with smaller mini workshops to outlining rural areas.

The need to improve membership numbers has brought us to the outreach mini workshops.

Sheila Robertson called for the vote

Lauren Seale second the motion

Call for vote: 14 support 0 abstain, PASS

Joanne Shopbell-dobecki wants improved communication of when dues are paid and how will be send in a reminder email to the membership. FY is July 1 to June 30, yet its easier to track if paid in March. Making easier to know who can vote at business meetings.

Nomination from the floor

Ann Flannery proposes Heather Fultz accept the nomination to become the next President Elect.

Sheila Robertson Seconds.

Reluctant to accept, Fran Bennett Suggested to have a 6 month trial period, revisit nomination, decide, and pick a new president elect if needed.

Past presidents have burned out having to pick the irid up off the ground and get things running again. KB has extensive work and the board is strong and has almost all positions filled.

Heather Fultz accepts nomination.

NO vote needed.


Lauren Seale will take the Secretary seat til 2020 where term will be up.


Eiss scheduled in June

Shakesphere Festival plays in Boise during the summer months

Kristy Buffington explained her new job at IESDB, per Lavona Andrews request.

Motion to adjourn: B. Andrews/Lauren Seale

Meeting adjourned at 3:52 pm

March 2018 Board

Idaho RID Board Meeting: Attendees: K.B, S,S, Teresa, C.P, Sarah, A.F

Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 PM


1) Partnering with CDHH & Steven Snow, i.e. mini workshops/professional development throughout the state to meet licensure requirements. He will ask legislators to support in leu of rural area and maintaining and producing qualified terps.  May be on monthly basis(oregon does “deaftalk, Utah does “Terptalks”)

2) Call for presenters – need to get that out ASAP Kristy to visit with S.R

3) Volunteer committees – who has signed up so far? 8 people responded.  Kristy will contact:lavona, dawnette, Shari M. to help get the word out also will announce at business mtg in April

4) Election nominations- secretary and pres. elect, committees

5) Your position/committee slide for the business meeting Power Point – please get that to me(kristy) by April 5th.

6) Please get any business/announcements you’d like added to the business meeting to me by April 5th. Per our bylaws we must send out business meeting agenda to our members 2 weeks in advance (i.e. by April 7th)

7) Conference location – CSI??Kristy booked 3 rooms since no charge but TF school dist. has no inservice, ugh.  thinking of eating on campus alacart provided $7/person.  This will allow us to not be responsible for cottages(past issue).  typically conferences have 30 attendies, this year first time to break 100!!

8) Board retreat, weekend of May 18th, AirBnB –  2 nights come when you can 2location=McCall%2C%20ID%2C%20United%20States&adults=10&guests=10&check_in=2018-05-18&check_out=2018-05-20,

please let me know if you’re going sooner than later. All board members and committee members are welcome & encouraged to join us. Will carpool please and make sure to get .54/mile reinbursed by fran with checkbook

9) Gas allowance for board retreat? yes.

10) North Idaho workshop – who is going, please let me know that as well so we can figure out carpooling/hotel arrangements.

Ann suggested a carpool scholarship—has to be done as a group.  To benefit those traveling to irid conferences

11) North Idaho food arrangements?? IdahoRID is providing lunch, suggestions for catering?? When do we need to get food ordered? Who will take care of this? Teresa looks into and kristy will support her

12) Budget for North Idaho workshop = splitting costs with Washington…Fyi all conferences in our region are as a member price, we are in area not out of area price.

13) Fran sent 31 signups to CASLI for NIC written.  So successful Oregon wanted to join last minute.  Fran sent them materials and teaching them how to host for themselves

Feb 2018 Board Mtg

1) We agreed our business meeting will be in Twin Falls on April 21st to coincide with the CSI US Signers club fun run.  I’ll send out a ‘save the date’ soon, but please mark this on your calendars.
2) We assigned conference committee chairs.  I assigned some of you who weren’t present last night as committee chairs, so PLEASE look over the conference committee form,
3) We will have a board retreat in McCall some time in May.  I’ll send out a Doodle poll, and we’ll have on it a weekend when the most people can attend.  Idaho RID will pay for an Airbnb, the food, and a gas allowance as we’ll all be driving.
4) I’ve attached the power point from last year’s business meeting.  Start thinking about what you’d like on your position or committee slide for this year’s meeting.
5)  we are partnering with WSRID (MAL looking to secure site)to offer a workshop in N ID, Saturday, April 28th.  A group of us are planning on attending, so please save the date if you’d like to travel with us.
6)Lavon will visit with Pocatello about licensing update during a meet and greet in March, TBD
7)over 26 people signed up for the CASLI NIC wriiten exam and received %20 discounted rate.
Treasurer discussed details with Teresa to help those in north idaho or Washington get Certified.  Pls pay atten to our PO Box for recipients information and checks.
8)VP will put a call out to presenters about fall conference.  getting permission to use Wrid form.   Call sent out End of Feb., who is interested due by end of march and bios to be submitted no later than April 1st(due date).
9)Two $200 scholarships awarded.
10) looking to fill two positions: Secretary and President Elect
11)Fall Conference to be April 4-6 and possibly in Twin Falls=closer to hotel and food instead of disrespecting the cottages, as most recent experience has proven negligent
12)Monthly meetings will be on the second tues at 7pm

Sept 13 2017 minutes

Attendees: Kristy B, Shannon, Carrie, Sierra M, Ann Conference Updates:
1) It’s our last push for sponsors.  I’ve attached the sponsorship letter.  If you have a business (or two) that know of who would be willing to donate, please pass along the sponsorship paperwork
2) NIS is buying our conference bags.  The bags will contain the program book & other fun ‘goodies,’ including fun samples, coupons for Idaho businesses, business pens, magnets, etc.  If you know of a business willing to donate a ‘goody’ for the bag, we’d appreciate it.  There are 85 people registered so far, so will probably need about 100 items total.  We are also seeking raffle prizes… so if a business doesn’t want to donate 100 of something, they may be willing to donate a small raffle prize.
3)  Ive’ attached a copy of the schedule with a host for each workshop.  The host is responsible for introducing the presenter, getting more chairs if needed, answering general participant questions, directing people toward the right classroom, etc.  I only put down people that I’ve heard from who are willing to act as host.  If you have any questions about hosting, just let me know.
4) Conference registration starts on Thursday, Oct. 5th at 5 PM.  There are a group of us planning on arriving between 3-4 to start setting up.  If you can come early to help, we’d appreciate it and I’m sure we’ll need the help.  We will meet in the IESDB multi-purpose room near the back parking lot.
5) The board talked last night & agreed to award one $125 scholarship to Alan Wilding, and one $75 scholarship to Kynzi Williamson.
6) Finally, we will have one last board meeting to tie up loose ends on Wednesday, September 27th, 7-8 PM.  I’ll send out an invitation (with the right access code this time!!) soon.

8-23-17 Board Mtg

IdahoRID August 23 Board Meeting Agenda -attendees: shannon, kristy, carrie, lyndsey, fran, ann

1) Update on conference schedule- Kristy will make and email tmw (members dont want to sign up til they see an agenda).  She already emailed to the presenters the contracts and schedule…they have all signed and accepted.  CEU papework sent in and waiting on approval…approx. 2 weeks.  Voted on having a Eval for the whole conference not per breakout session.  Member will  check in at registrations and designate which classes attending at that time.  Will use honor system to give CEU.  Cost of workshop is $6500.0

Added classes: Kristy Doris class on Storytelling also a health and wellness section(1 hour block: 5 minute stations including:chair massage, standing shaker machine, survey your health and how to improve, teach alternate health/self care) thank you shannon

2) Update on sponsors –  carrie to check the mail for sponsor checks/contracts, due by October 1st

a. Sorenson = ran out of annual funds but will provide an  in-kind presenter, Candice Ali on “equivolent meaning” to help those preparing to take the NIC performance

b. NIS = bags + photo booth donated

c. InDemand financial donation to be mailed

d. Kent’s Electric- financial donation to be in the mail?

e. St. Als- another donation

Shannon will know more about another sponsor from wright physical therapy when they get back with her on Friday

f. Holly Thomas-Mowery/Core group realty = Thursday or fri. night dinner

g. Booths space given to sponsors yet no one was interested

3) Update on WOW factors

a. Photo booth-provided by nis

b. Food trucks on opening night

i. Pizza truck-not yet confirmed

ii. Ice cream truck- yes will have

c. Cotton candy & popcorn machine- have not yet confirmed

d. Friday night massages- will have a sign up sheet at registration

e. Health & wellness company- listed above and set up by shannon between 11 and 2 on Saturday along with the class–i think??

f. We elected to have sponsors have a booth at confernce, but no one was interested

Please keep an eye out for more donations to put in goody bags or giveaways

4) Price of attendance for board members

a. Student price = $75

b. Yoga = additional $40

5) Verbal commitment of board member attendance –All are  willing to host workshop, help presenter, pass out evaluations, intro of presenter, CEU recording. look over workshops and pick then email your preference to kristy

6) Registration update(32 total  signed up: 15 presenters, 1 sponsors, and 16 members).  Kristy will send out at email TREE for board members to extend personal invites to members.  Fran will deliver  goody bags to ISU students and kristy and shannon will deliver to CSI next week

7) Transportation for yoga – Kristy, fran and Carrie and shannon will aid in transporting  registerees for a waved fee

8) Byron resigned as Member at large (moving), will be replaced with ISU student Gio_?___who accepted as shannon texted during the mtg.  Lyndsey to help if no one accepted. L is off the hook, smile.

New board members: Sierra Mciver to be social media rep. and Ariana__?__(student) to be photographer

9) Silent auction-Val would like to see but little interest to support.  probably will cancel

10) Student sponsorship’s, travel sponsorship’s? Requirements-While Kristy voiced information about the liscensuring class at a isdb inservice, interpreters in the north complained about the drive and finance. This lead her to set up some kind of travel scholarship/ general to involve students too.  Applicant to have deadline of Sept. 8 for this workshop

she asked lyndsey to get donations from the community to sponsor a student.  This will aid in providing those scholarships.  negotiations about requirements were discussed.  refer to the www. for that application.  Still need to develop how we accept or decline applicants.  Carrie suggested the applicants to fill out can give back to community by helping the board also teaching a group of terps about what they learned from the workshop

11) Problems with paypal buttons & early bird registration = extend agreed upon(now Sept. 8) decided not to do a paper and mail form.  paypal button complaints bc button online not working or allowing payments to go through. Fran recommend if problems persist that she will send an  invoiced email which will then give registrant another paypal link.

Misc. Ann announce fundraiser at CSI Sept. 16 for the cottage after school program….Kristy will attach flyer to email sent tmw(Aug. 24th)

Kristy will look into video taping the licensuring class for those who cant attend and then post it on this www for a few weeks.  This will allow distant terps to be informed.

Reminder to type in complete address to access new www

Next mtg Sept. 13 @7pm

April 2017 Business mtg/licensure/no quorum

Idaho RID Business Meeting 4-8-17 Power point link

Stephen Snow to introduce the History of Licensure in Idaho.  This is six years in the making, the supreme court required some changes before allowing to become a new law. Now it is officially called the “Idaho hearing and speech service board”.  Included on the six seat Board are; one interpreter, one audiologist, and one SLP.  In changing the name and including all services provided to deaf, hard of hearing we can keep the cost down( $100/yr instead of $600/yr interpreter fees-tax deductible write-off).  Will be enforced july 2018.  Without the new board the previous licensuring had “no teeth”.  If you have EIPA-that is acceptable within that field, aswell as other state passed test and other rid tests. The details of all the acceptable ranges and how to enforce, aswell as payment price are still TBD.  We want to allow choices, and flexibility while providing clients with “qualified interpreters”.

Board Meeting began 1:30 without a full board.

It was decide to implement an online voting for measures listed in the power point above.

Cliff applauding current president for the extensive reapplication of 501C3.  Having experienced tax processes himself is very familiar with the exhausted process.

Val S. Has updated bylaws.

secretary records minutes on line

treasurer slide: numbers are complete including questions about workshop foods at CSI(required to purchase, we cant bring outside food to those reserved conference rooms).

Treasurer slide:$600 to set up new www. Kristy affirmed the overspending but we arent in the red.  Only two people on the board have credit cards that requires two signatures at purchase and one checkbook is in the presidencts possession.

Verla acknowledge K. efforts and suggestion of an established budget were noted.

Cliff asked  where PO box keys? K. has one and Carrie will too. His concern to not change address but to have accesible to off site po box to scan mail to K  to not fall in debt or miss any Ex. 501c3 lapse again.

Tec committee: informed others about the new www thru firefox because the old idaho rid www is where google link takes you.  We cant find a resolution or password to delete the old www thru user rights.  cliff will aid in taking this down.

Scholarships–please apply,  no one has applied in several years.

Deaf Heart- Award was presented to Sheila R. who was not in attendance.

LEAD-$55 dollars to watch via satellite. K. will look into getting presenter bios and cliff plans to have a viewing party at his house to share the cost of above.  instead of all paying individuals fee, smile.

Move to  Meeting adjournment @2:30 by??

Cliff to second the motion.

motion carries

please look forward to the realignment of presidency terms thru the online format.


March 30, 2017 meeting minutes

Meeting attendees: Shannon, Carrie, Kristy

March 30, 2017, 7-8 PM, agenda:

  1. Final preparations for workshops
    1. Food for Boise workshop (we buy the snacks): Kristy Kulick to host
    2. Food for Pocatello workshop (need to order online through ISU catering)Shannon to host
    3. Power point presentations for business meeting
      1. Check for accuracy, add anything you’d like: all in agreeance with previewed slides sent via email
      2. Would you like to present or have me present? Will present in ASL: Kristy will present all slides on behalf of all board members
      3. Ceu cant be split between days
      4. inform people about the old irid www is still a link, old server hasnt taken it down. from now on us firefox to access new
    4. Elections/Voting
      1. Voting on: treasurer, VP, vote of affirmation for president: Realization of wrong voting year to vote for pres. and need to ammend
      2. Raising dues – $20 for students, $35 for others: discussed and agreed to present at board mtg. for a vote April 8th
      3. Adding 2 new scholarships – one for membership ($35) & one for workshop attendance ($50): We will present this to remind candidates about the availability.
      4. Whether or not members would like the organization to pay for live broadcast of RID LEAD Together conference
    5. Awards & thank you
      1. Deaf heart award = plaque + one year free membership: nominations made for sheila Roberts
      2. Steven Snow, Randy Bow, Paula Mason, ISU, board members leaving – anyone I’m forgetting??
    6. Reinstatement of 501c3 status, effective February 10, 2017 (YAY!!!)
    7. RID LEAD Together conference – ended up w/ 3 guaranteed slots, gave the other to Val w/ the same agreement to pay half ($213)
    8. Any comments or business from the board – anything I’m forgetting?? No one interested in using outreach conference for our spring workshop=will not broadcast to north Idaho or isdb.  Plus few registrants for Boise workshop, so Kristy will send out reminders to register.  New member at large: Janette Lovell.

Feb 15 2017 Board mtg.

Idaho RID Board Meeting Agenda attendance: Kristy B.(Pres), Carrie P.(Sec.), Shannon S.(PDC), Holly S.(Treas.), Jayne W.(MAL)

Wednesday, February 15, 7-8 PM: Began 7:02 pm.

  1. Spring Workshop: one in boise and later(end april or begin of May) at ISU pocatello(ask val or joelynn to present)
    1. Final dates-Evening April 7 and all day April 8th in Boise.Location TBD(possible H&W– Shannon to Contact S.S ASAP)
    2. Presenters-Paula Browning on Ethics came highly recommended to kristy
    3. Provide lunch was declined but snacks to be provided.  Plenty of lunch choices in that location
    4. Business Meeting
      1. Board reports – will send out example from HTM  for all board  members to present a report per Roberts rule of order at each annual business mtg.  Kristy emphasized her aid to us and not to stress.  This will provide a more formal atmosphere
      2. Robert’s Rules of Order-Question about if board members are required to have dual membership, to be looked into.
      3. Deaf Heart award nominations- All to support; plus have NAD send out notifications for nominations of IRID members
        We are also accepting nominations for an Idaho RID Deaf-Heart award.  If you know an outstanding interpreter that demonstrates a Deaf-heart, please email me your nomination.  Within your email include examples of how this interpreter demonstrates a Deaf-heart within their work and why you think they deserve recognition.  Your nomination may be several written paragraphs, or if you prefer, an ASL video attachment.  Please email me your nominations by April 1st, and we will announce the winner at our spring business meeting.
      4. Live streaming options – working on it w/ Paula Mason from gooding, tech gurru.  Use Zoom program to stream apr. 7&8 boise workshop to gooding.
        1. Snacks to be provided.
        2. CEU monitoring- undiscussed
      5. Workshop scholarship -undiscussed
      6. Thank Jayne & Melanie for their service
      7. Elections-kristy was nomicated on the wrong year.  supposed to be even year as pres. elect
        1. Nominations for treasurer-holly S to resign, elections on odd year, Carrie P. to take over meridian mailbox key and responsibilites associated with.
        2. Nominations for VP-on odd calendar year, replace Val S.
        3. Vote of affirmation for president and to clarify to members the error in electing kristy on the Odd and not even calendar year and her term will extend to 2019.  Kristy accepts the extention if memebers will.
        4. Vacant Member at large positions (2)-to be elected on odd years. pls make any suggestions, many positions hard to fill.  get the word out there
        5. Vacant fundraising position-”      “
        6. Vote on dues increase-agreed per last board mtg.
          1. $35 for dual members
          2. $20 for students
    1. National RID conference -July 20-24, 2017 @ SLC (past year went 100,000$ in the hole, forced to set u lottery system)a. Idaho representatives
      1. President & Professional Development Chair – Kristy & Shannon–all agreed
      2. Board willing to pay ½ registration costs ($212.50 X 2 = $425 total) + hotel (share hotel room)- all agreed

      Lottery system

      1. How it works-total of 650 slots: 200 leadership track, 200 skills development track, only 2 slots allowed for our region. i think it goes to general registration upon aprils payments received by submitted reps
      2. Payments of $425/person due by April_?__.  Names to be sumbited  by March 31.

      Idaho RID host viewing parties around the state- Live streaming of National COnference.  Questions of cost remain.  Kristy to find out more details plus poll @ IRID conference of those interested in attending and where should it be hosted. Buy snacks for attendies was suggested

  1. Other announcements/board business? Mtg adjorned at 7:40 p.m.

EIPA Video Conference Workshops 2017

  • February 4, 2017 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
    “Incorporating Non-Manual Markers/Signals: Broaden your Understanding and Ability to Incorporate Non –Manual Markers Including Adverbs and Adjectives”
    Trix Bruce, B.S.

Registration deadline Friday, January 27, 5:00 PM

This workshop has a focus on nonmanual signals, which are not distinctive “hand signs” yet are essential language morphemes. Interpreters will analyze and apply these grammatical markers, which involve eye and head movements, facial movements, and body postures rather than the use of “signs” as distinct lexical elements. This workshop will be presented in ASL.

  • April 1, 2017 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

    “Professional Development Planning: Deliberate Practice is Necessary to Improve EIPA Scores”

    Frances J. Beaurivage, Manager EIPA Diagnostic Center, RID CI/CT

    The EIPA provides interpreters with a wealth of information that can be utilized to inform your decisions about your personalized professional development plan (PDP). Participants will learn how to analyze the feedback from your EIPA report, and how to systematically make decisions about which skills need to be addressed before moving on to tackle more complex skill sets.

NO_Idaho_EIPA Video Conference Flyer – 2016-2017 (1)

Registration Form_FEB2017 (1)

Idaho RID Spring Workshop

Stay tuned – details coming soon for our Idaho RID Spring Workshop