8-23-17 Board Mtg

IdahoRID August 23 Board Meeting Agenda -attendees: shannon, kristy, carrie, lyndsey, fran, ann

1) Update on conference schedule- Kristy will make and email tmw (members dont want to sign up til they see an agenda).  She already emailed to the presenters the contracts and schedule…they have all signed and accepted.  CEU papework sent in and waiting on approval…approx. 2 weeks.  Voted on having a Eval for the whole conference not per breakout session.  Member will  check in at registrations and designate which classes attending at that time.  Will use honor system to give CEU.  Cost of workshop is $6500.0

Added classes: Kristy Doris class on Storytelling also a health and wellness section(1 hour block: 5 minute stations including:chair massage, standing shaker machine, survey your health and how to improve, teach alternate health/self care) thank you shannon

2) Update on sponsors –  carrie to check the mail for sponsor checks/contracts, due by October 1st

a. Sorenson = ran out of annual funds but will provide an  in-kind presenter, Candice Ali on “equivolent meaning” to help those preparing to take the NIC performance

b. NIS = bags + photo booth donated

c. InDemand financial donation to be mailed

d. Kent’s Electric- financial donation to be in the mail?

e. St. Als- another donation

Shannon will know more about another sponsor from wright physical therapy when they get back with her on Friday

f. Holly Thomas-Mowery/Core group realty = Thursday or fri. night dinner

g. Booths space given to sponsors yet no one was interested

3) Update on WOW factors

a. Photo booth-provided by nis

b. Food trucks on opening night

i. Pizza truck-not yet confirmed

ii. Ice cream truck- yes will have

c. Cotton candy & popcorn machine- have not yet confirmed

d. Friday night massages- will have a sign up sheet at registration

e. Health & wellness company- listed above and set up by shannon between 11 and 2 on Saturday along with the class–i think??

f. We elected to have sponsors have a booth at confernce, but no one was interested

Please keep an eye out for more donations to put in goody bags or giveaways

4) Price of attendance for board members

a. Student price = $75

b. Yoga = additional $40

5) Verbal commitment of board member attendance –All are  willing to host workshop, help presenter, pass out evaluations, intro of presenter, CEU recording. look over workshops and pick then email your preference to kristy

6) Registration update(32 total  signed up: 15 presenters, 1 sponsors, and 16 members).  Kristy will send out at email TREE for board members to extend personal invites to members.  Fran will deliver  goody bags to ISU students and kristy and shannon will deliver to CSI next week

7) Transportation for yoga – Kristy, fran and Carrie and shannon will aid in transporting  registerees for a waved fee

8) Byron resigned as Member at large (moving), will be replaced with ISU student Gio_?___who accepted as shannon texted during the mtg.  Lyndsey to help if no one accepted. L is off the hook, smile.

New board members: Sierra Mciver to be social media rep. and Ariana__?__(student) to be photographer

9) Silent auction-Val would like to see but little interest to support.  probably will cancel

10) Student sponsorship’s, travel sponsorship’s? Requirements-While Kristy voiced information about the liscensuring class at a isdb inservice, interpreters in the north complained about the drive and finance. This lead her to set up some kind of travel scholarship/ general to involve students too.  Applicant to have deadline of Sept. 8 for this workshop

she asked lyndsey to get donations from the community to sponsor a student.  This will aid in providing those scholarships.  negotiations about requirements were discussed.  refer to the www. for that application.  Still need to develop how we accept or decline applicants.  Carrie suggested the applicants to fill out can give back to community by helping the board also teaching a group of terps about what they learned from the workshop

11) Problems with paypal buttons & early bird registration = extend agreed upon(now Sept. 8) decided not to do a paper and mail form.  paypal button complaints bc button online not working or allowing payments to go through. Fran recommend if problems persist that she will send an  invoiced email which will then give registrant another paypal link.

Misc. Ann announce fundraiser at CSI Sept. 16 for the cottage after school program….Kristy will attach flyer to email sent tmw(Aug. 24th)

Kristy will look into video taping the licensuring class for those who cant attend and then post it on this www for a few weeks.  This will allow distant terps to be informed.

Reminder to type in complete address to access new www

Next mtg Sept. 13 @7pm

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