April 2017 Business mtg/licensure/no quorum

Idaho RID Business Meeting 4-8-17 Power point link

Stephen Snow to introduce the History of Licensure in Idaho.  This is six years in the making, the supreme court required some changes before allowing to become a new law. Now it is officially called the “Idaho hearing and speech service board”.  Included on the six seat Board are; one interpreter, one audiologist, and one SLP.  In changing the name and including all services provided to deaf, hard of hearing we can keep the cost down( $100/yr instead of $600/yr interpreter fees-tax deductible write-off).  Will be enforced july 2018.  Without the new board the previous licensuring had “no teeth”.  If you have EIPA-that is acceptable within that field, aswell as other state passed test and other rid tests. The details of all the acceptable ranges and how to enforce, aswell as payment price are still TBD.  We want to allow choices, and flexibility while providing clients with “qualified interpreters”.

Board Meeting began 1:30 without a full board.

It was decide to implement an online voting for measures listed in the power point above.

Cliff applauding current president for the extensive reapplication of 501C3.  Having experienced tax processes himself is very familiar with the exhausted process.

Val S. Has updated bylaws.

secretary records minutes on line

treasurer slide: numbers are complete including questions about workshop foods at CSI(required to purchase, we cant bring outside food to those reserved conference rooms).

Treasurer slide:$600 to set up new www. Kristy affirmed the overspending but we arent in the red.  Only two people on the board have credit cards that requires two signatures at purchase and one checkbook is in the presidencts possession.

Verla acknowledge K. efforts and suggestion of an established budget were noted.

Cliff asked  where PO box keys? K. has one and Carrie will too. His concern to not change address but to have accesible to off site po box to scan mail to K  to not fall in debt or miss any Ex. 501c3 lapse again.

Tec committee: informed others about the new www thru firefox because the old idaho rid www is where google link takes you.  We cant find a resolution or password to delete the old www thru user rights.  cliff will aid in taking this down.

Scholarships–please apply,  no one has applied in several years.

Deaf Heart- Award was presented to Sheila R. who was not in attendance.

LEAD-$55 dollars to watch via satellite. K. will look into getting presenter bios and cliff plans to have a viewing party at his house to share the cost of above.  instead of all paying individuals fee, smile.

Move to  Meeting adjournment @2:30 by??

Cliff to second the motion.

motion carries

please look forward to the realignment of presidency terms thru the online format.


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