Attendees: Kristy K, Kristy B, Shannon, Carrie, Janette, Fran, Sheila

  1. Fall conference theme suggestions from a list of 12 …Decided:  “Ready, set, grown: be that change!”
  2. Conference committees: sponsorship-Ann, Fundraising at workshop-Val, Presenters-Shannon, Kristy B., Sheila, Hospitality-Kristy K., Janette(has part owner of marriot chain for discounts see her).
  3. Discussion on Agenda: preferences per the survey monkey K.B sent out came back as TRACKS…Thurs and Fri night will be Scott Keller as the Keynote speaker($1000.00).  5:30-6:30: registration.  Fri morning( total of 6 hour ceu) board break-out session, (tracks may consist of; mind map/conflict resolution/ Deaf History (led by Mr. Wilding with time limit).  Fri afternoon Scott will teach about ethics.  Try to get local presenters(75.00)to decrease fee plus support them in their profession.  Saturday(6 hours CEU): tracks with mowery, buckely, J. palmer, Jim Woods(csi local archeologist professor), scott with ethics, Wilding, CDI.
  4. CEU will total 13.5 hours not counting social time
  5. Getting the word out in advance…survey said.  Kristy will email, post on new www. and send out a FB registration adding an agenda also important.  This will aid in head count for food. discount for early bird registration
  6. IAD booth in post falls conference or just submit a sponsor page with our fall flyer.  All agreed on the later.  Flyer will b refined by K.K niece whose degree in design.
  7. Ongoing struggle with old www. complaints. Must type in address using browsers other than google(defaults to old www.–trying to fix is unsuccessful still).  unknown Password(via mike smith or mike coleman) is needed to fix
  8. Val, K.B, and Shannon to attend RID conference
  9. president taking care of the taxes and reports due by July 1  to RID , state, and IRS.
  10. Sheila will find out how to successfully partner with WRID for spring conference


Idaho RID Board Meeting Agenda attendance: Kristy B.(Pres), Carrie P.(Sec.), Shannon S.(PDC), Holly S.(Treas.), Jayne W.(MAL)

Wednesday, February 15, 7-8 PM: Began 7:02 pm.

  1. Spring Workshop: one in boise and later(end april or begin of May) at ISU pocatello(ask val or joelynn to present)
    1. Final dates-Evening April 7 and all day April 8th in Boise.Location TBD(possible H&W– Shannon to Contact S.S ASAP)
    2. Presenters-Paula Browning on Ethics came highly recommended to kristy
    3. Provide lunch was declined but snacks to be provided.  Plenty of lunch choices in that location
    4. Business Meeting
      1. Board reports – will send out example from HTM  for all board  members to present a report per Roberts rule of order at each annual business mtg.  Kristy emphasized her aid to us and not to stress.  This will provide a more formal atmosphere
      2. Robert’s Rules of Order-Question about if board members are required to have dual membership, to be looked into.
      3. Deaf Heart award nominations- All to support; plus have NAD send out notifications for nominations of IRID members
        We are also accepting nominations for an Idaho RID Deaf-Heart award.  If you know an outstanding interpreter that demonstrates a Deaf-heart, please email me your nomination.  Within your email include examples of how this interpreter demonstrates a Deaf-heart within their work and why you think they deserve recognition.  Your nomination may be several written paragraphs, or if you prefer, an ASL video attachment.  Please email me your nominations by April 1st, and we will announce the winner at our spring business meeting.
      4. Live streaming options – working on it w/ Paula Mason from gooding, tech gurru.  Use Zoom program to stream apr. 7&8 boise workshop to gooding.
        1. Snacks to be provided.
        2. CEU monitoring- undiscussed
      5. Workshop scholarship -undiscussed
      6. Thank Jayne & Melanie for their service
      7. Elections-kristy was nomicated on the wrong year.  supposed to be even year as pres. elect
        1. Nominations for treasurer-holly S to resign, elections on odd year, Carrie P. to take over meridian mailbox key and responsibilites associated with.
        2. Nominations for VP-on odd calendar year, replace Val S.
        3. Vote of affirmation for president and to clarify to members the error in electing kristy on the Odd and not even calendar year and her term will extend to 2019.  Kristy accepts the extention if memebers will.
        4. Vacant Member at large positions (2)-to be elected on odd years. pls make any suggestions, many positions hard to fill.  get the word out there
        5. Vacant fundraising position-”      “
        6. Vote on dues increase-agreed per last board mtg.
          1. $35 for dual members
          2. $20 for students
    1. National RID conference -July 20-24, 2017 @ SLC (past year went 100,000$ in the hole, forced to set u lottery system)a. Idaho representatives
      1. President & Professional Development Chair – Kristy & Shannon–all agreed
      2. Board willing to pay ½ registration costs ($212.50 X 2 = $425 total) + hotel (share hotel room)- all agreed

      Lottery system

      1. How it works-total of 650 slots: 200 leadership track, 200 skills development track, only 2 slots allowed for our region. i think it goes to general registration upon aprils payments received by submitted reps
      2. Payments of $425/person due by April_?__.  Names to be sumbited  by March 31.

      Idaho RID host viewing parties around the state- Live streaming of National COnference.  Questions of cost remain.  Kristy to find out more details plus poll @ IRID conference of those interested in attending and where should it be hosted. Buy snacks for attendies was suggested

  1. Other announcements/board business? Mtg adjorned at 7:40 p.m.


December 7, 2016 board meeting notes by Carrie

In attendance: mike, kristi, carrie, holly, ann, jayne, shannon

newly est. www. admin rights given to: mike, kristi with  shannon, holly, and carrie having editorial rights.

Jan. 19 9-noon have a presence at the Capitol during breakfast supplies by cdhh

jayne will be stepping down as isu as member at large, frown: shared her found resources for upcoming conference(isu, school dist office or any school facilities).

still deciding on dates (april 7-8 or 28-29) and location for spring conference. most likely to be boise. presenter still tbd.

plans are in place to est a EIN live stream for outreach locations to attend via online(facebook live or “live with you tube” may be other options) .  Along with how to make sure all receive an earned CEU for either watching  the prerecording or veiwing at designated sites.  talks of how to implement this were of sending out a mass email with a survey monkey questioner in proof of viewing.  kristi will followup with iesdb for streaming and dawn on ceu verificaton process